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Welcome to Thermobile Industries B.V.


For almost 50 years Thermobile has been a worldwide leader in the development, production and international sales and marketing of mobile heaters. Our goal for the professional market is to provide a suitable solution for any heat request where your wishes are our starting point. To provide maximum benefit to you as our customer, we have set ourselves certain standards. All products must meet the highest quality where safety, reliability, durability, efficiency and ease of use is our priority.

Thermobile has a comprehensive global service, good availability of spare parts and technical and commercial support for all your heating requirements. We do this through the headquarters in Breda, The Netherlands, through one of our sales and service offices in France and the United Kingdom and a worldwide network of dedicated partners.

Our mobile heating units are used in many different segments for even more applications. Thermobile heating is used for construction sites, halls, marquees, army tents, garages, workshops, barns, greenhouses, offshore, gas & oil industry, mining industry, drying agricultural products and pest control. In short, heating for almost any application. Thermobile has a great variety of heating systems operating on different fuels such as diesel, kerosene, propane, natural gas or electricity and even used oil.

Naturally, all Thermobile heaters comply with the most stringent European standards and all models carry the mandatory CE marking and are also in accordance with Technical Rules (formerly GOST) certification.




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